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"We would never dream of treating our cars like we treat our bodies. We don’t wait till our cars break down but do regular services on them. If we allow the back to give in then we have to go through the long and inconvenient process of putting it back in shape. A far longer process than having the foresight to prevent it in the first place!"


Daniel is proficient in different modalities and has studied extensively in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


As well as being a qualified Thai Yoga massage therapist, he has also studied abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang), body assessment and realignment.


Daniel takes a holistic approach to health for his clients; taking into account factors such as diet, posture, breathing and simple exercise regimes. Using only natural and organic oils, Daniel sees massage as a means of prevention and knows that these treatments are of great benefit in relieving stress and tightness in the body.


Massage can also improve blood circulation, revive stiff, tired muscles, and address any imbalances which could cause serious problems in the future if they are not seen to. Daniel knows that a great massage leaves the receiver feeling relaxed and invigorated.

He is experienced in many different treatments and can recommend a session based on what you want to gain from a treatment and on resolving any apparent issues in the body. Whether you are looking for relief of pain, freedom from tightness in some part of the body, want to feel energised, or are simply looking for a relaxing therapeutic massage that will tone the whole body; Daniel is able to recommend the right treatment for you.

Daniel founded the Gladwell School in order to share his expertise with others and create a network of 21st Century healers. To find out more about Gladwell School of Massage, check out this page!


Lila Gladwell is an experienced Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and friendly Instructor. She has an eagle eye for noticing when you need extra help!

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