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“I just completed the Thai beginners massage course with Daniel and Lila and I was positively impressed. They are both experienced practitioners and passionate teachers with a lot to share, and the sequence they taught is simple, easy to give and surprisingly effective. I always felt comfortable and respected in the course, with enough information coming in to keep me interested, enough breaks to stay well rested and able to concentrate, enough time to practice. I received some brilliant massage from the other students (who had no previous experience), and I also got brilliant feedback when I started practising after the course (I also have no previous experience). I met some wonderful people, and enjoyed spending some time with Daniel and Lila who are brilliant at holding a positive, supportive and healing space. Highly recommended!”

- Despina Psarra

Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and Graduate of Thai Yoga Massage for Beginners

“Amazing time at the Thai yoga massage course ! Not only was it informative , but also personal and heart warming. Daniel and his daughter Lila are wonderful teachers and hosts. They make a very good team complementing each others styles. Everyone that is either doing yoga and thinking about doing massage or especially massage therapists should do this course ! Looking forward to doing the next course soon, thank you .”

- Ioanna Munteanu

Professional Massage Practitioner

“I've started my journey with Gladwell school of massage and I’m going to carry on ‘til I’ve done every course on offer. I would highly recommend this school if you are looking to become an amazing therapist.”

- Tracy Ann Lewis

Massage Practitioner/Yoga Instructor

“I have just finished a complete Thai yoga massage course with Daniel, one of the most special guys I’ve ever met and a well dedicated professional. His charisma, patience, simplicity in terms of teaching makes him by far my favourite tutor. It was a real honour to be one of his many students!”

- Masaj Reflexoterapie Bacau

“Mind body soul treat is the only way i can describe the last four days training to become a Thai yoga massage practitioner with the wonderfully nurturing father/daughter teaching combo. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for making my weekend just heavenly. New friends, whole lot to learn, and lots of practicing and receiving massages. Yep, this was definitely a retreat and exactly what i needed”

- Becci Murtagh

Founder and Yoga Teacher at Wild Luna Yoga

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher 🙏🏻 Two wonderful weekends 😊 ”

- Lynne Mawby

“Totally loved this course many thanks guys”

- Sam Smith

“Commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.”

- Pablo

Video of Thai Yoga Massage Course run for International Yoga brand, Hot Pod Yoga

Mario, our student was awarded the gold medal at the International Massage Championships in Copenhagen in June 2019; not only in the chair massage category, but in all categories!

Proud of you Mario!



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